26 Dec

Don’t begin the application procedure until you are very certain about your travel plans. The official Vietnam visa application form needs you to reveal your ports of departure and arrival, and it’s a whole lot of trouble to alter this at the last minute. Give the embassy a lot of time to process your visa. Don’t apply for your visa when it’s almost too late.

Business visas are at the disposal of business visitors (if you’re arriving in Vietnam for work, or if you’re investing in a business). Vietnam business visas allow several entries and they are valid for six months.

The conditions for a business visa for Vietnam are similar to those for those of tourist visa, with the inclusion of the Business Visa Consent Form available from your sponsor in the Asian country of Vietnam. You can’t get this Business Visa Approval form from the Consulate or the Embassy – your sponsor has to get it from Vietnam officials.

Official and diplomatic visas are given to visitors with diplomatic and government business. Holders of service and diplomatic passports will be allowed these visas without any payment.

The conditions for these visas are almost the same with the ones for the business visa, coupled with the inclusion of a note verbale from a foreign mission, international organization, or concerned agency.

Vietnam Visa Application Form: Guide to Other Types of Vietnam Visas

You will need more information on how you are going to get your Vietnam visa application form. At this point, you are already aware that you have two options to go with: either you go for tourist visa or business visa. Each of these types are self explanatory. Each of them also give you the option of going for a single entry or multiple entry. It entirely depends on your purpose for going there.

Tourist visas
Tourist visa is the most popular option that visitors of Vietnam go for. This is usually valid for 15 to 30 days. The visa can be extended only once after you have arrived in Vietnam. However, you are not to do anything else other than for tourism only. That is what the visa is defined for.

You can fill up a Vietnam visa application form online and pick up the visa once you have arrived at one of the International airports in Vietnam. Once there, the following details must be true and correct:

 Your passport with your full name. It must appear on your passport with the same name that you have on your birth certificate. The order of the name is not really that important, as long as your full name is present in the passport.
 Date of birth is as is, but the standard date format that Vietnam uses is DD/MM/YYYY.
 Bring the passport that bears your nationality when you enter Vietnam such as Australian, US or UK
 The passport number must be clear and indicated in your passport. It must be valid for at least 6 months upon the date of arrival.
 The date of arrival doesn’t necessarily have to be exact. You can fill this up with the proposed date that you think you will arrive in Vietnam. But be advised that visitors entering Vietnam can only do so later but not earlier than the date. As with photos, they are only required at the airport in Vietnam.

Business Visas
Travellers that are entering Vietnam for business purposes are to apply for business visa prior to their arrival. The procedures are quite different from tourist visas and every consulate or embassy have different ways on how they are going to prepare the business visa. Make sure that you contact the embassy and inquire about the forms and the details about the procedures. This is to save you from the time it takes to prepare the necessary documents and also make everything smooth sailing upon acquiring the business visa.

You have the option either go for multiple or single entry visa. You will need a visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration office to indicate that you are indeed visiting Vietnam for business purposes only. You will also need to prepare on your hands an invitation letter or sponsorship from your business partner that is working and is a native of Vietnam.

As much as possible, when you see yourself travelling to Vietnam soon, make sure you check your consulate if your home country requires Visa to gain entry.