16 Dec

There was never a point in time when it was easy for a felon to get a job. According to a felonyfriendlyjobs.org research article, felon jobs have never been this competitive. Unlike in previous years when there were sufficient jobs, these days all we have competitions for all kinds of job available for felons.

Felony Friendly Jobs: Before You Apply

  • Background checks and expungement – right before you start your search for felon jobs, it is important that you look into expungement. If perchance you can get felony removed or expunged from your felon, then it will be very easy to find felon jobs

If it is not possible, you should look up the information released when a background check is carried out on you. Majority of the information is what you get to give explanations to during a job interview

  • Resume – You necessarily do not have to state your felony on your resume when applying for felon jobs. Be patient until you get an interview before you get to share it with whoever is your potential employer.
  • Business wear – There is no doubt about the fact that felon jobs are very difficult to find, so whenever you offer an invitation for an interview it is essential that you wear whatever is best for the job. In some cases, there are jobs that require suits of great quality while on the hand you will find jobs that require just business casual wears. When they say business casual wear, that does not in any way mean a T-shirt and jeans. It is expected that you put on khakis or slacks and a collared shirt for men and a sweater or blouse with slacks or skirt for women
  • Interviews – Before going for an interview, it is very important that you practice your answers standing in front of a mirror. Spend time in learning the best way you can discuss your felony. Discover a means to explain it in a very calm manner and as brief as possible. Express your desire and regret for a second chance.

Jobs that hire felons, similar to just about any job out there, go to the person the employer feels is ideal for the job, so it is vital to frame the answers to any question in a manner that places much emphasis on your relevant skills. Give explanations on how you are more of an asset to your employer when you are hired.

How to Find the Best Jobs for Felons:

These days the internet is a reliable source of hundreds of local listings daily, so it is best you take your time and carry out an online search for jobs open to felons. There are government programs open to a felon and at the same programs by non-profit organizations to assist ex-convicts. You are free to ask your state employment office or your parole officer on the resources that can assist you in finding the companies that are fine with hiring felons.

Nonetheless, the best advice you can be offered by anyone is to network. It is without a doubt the most effective means of finding companies that are hiring felons. Take note of whoever you think is capable of assisting you. Give them a call or you can pay them a visit, however, don’t ask for a job. Instead ask if they are fine with giving assistance, advice, recommendations or referrals to assist you when searching for felony jobs.