18 Jan

Stress balls in recent times are fashioned from closed cell polyurethane foam. In order to create the foam, its components that are initially in form of liquids are directly injected into a mold. The chemical reaction between the components will result in carbon dioxide bubbles as the byproduct, the bubbles on the other hand that is trapped make the foam somewhat airy and very light. The foam will then be molded into various sizes and shapes just as seen on the WSH website, with all of them with varying styles.

There are stress balls that you will find filled with gel or liquid, thus to provide with that soothing and soft texture. On the other hand, there are the homemade stress balls. Did you at any point get to fill thick latex balloons or rubber with flour, cornstarch or perhaps sand while at kindergarten? That is a representation of some DIY stress relievers. They are quite difficult to have your logo on them or for mass production than your regular polyurethane stress balls.

There are varieties that you will find in the world of stress balls, you are bound to find some difference among the options that we put up for sale on the official website, such as varied density and varied flexibility. They can all be used as a marketing strategy. Nonetheless, a number of clients will not just find stress relievers very useful for themselves rather they will be confident to wrap it up as a gift for a friend or a relative.

Stress balls can have a whole lot of wonderful effects. These small toys that are advertised as ideal to mitigate stress are sweeping across the planet and recently also among children, adolescents and adults. Their rotation at high speed and for a long time makes them almost hypnotic. Stress balls are sold almost anywhere, from internet to neighbourhood stores, from about four Euros to several tens, depending on the design and material, which can be metal rubber or, plastic … with two arms or three and of varied designs, there are even with led or dangerous lights, with all sorts of fantastic designs.

May help with ADHD

One of the currents that are posited in favour of this new fashion is that which states that it can have truly therapeutic effects on people like those suffering from ADHD, as well as other disorders related mainly to lack of concentration.

It is true that this type of toys, like the rubber bands created to squeeze with the hands and reduce nervousness, can really work for some people. However, sanitary properties of any kind cannot be attributed to said objects, since there are no tests or medical tests that can testify something like this.

So it is simply that what may be good for some may not be so good for others, giving the case that many children misunderstand more than anything else or disregard their daily obligations with the use of this type of objects.

Therefore, and for those who propose to introduce this new element in the programming of the classes as support of some kind, it is good that you know that from official foundations of ADHD, such as the CADAH, discard at the moment the alleged benefits of this device. While it is true that it is not harmful, a priori, it is likely to not bring anything beneficial to the classes, where learning is truly important and not distracted.


Yes, as you read it. Those who defend the use of stress balls and squishy agree in emphasizing that it is a device that helps relieve stress. And it is that the person in question concentrates on the same one, in making him turn and he is forgotten, although it is of temporary form, of his worries and burdens.

Against anxiety

Precisely for the same thing that we have indicated in the previous point, it is considered to be very advantageous in order to put an end to the anxiety.

Other health benefits

Numerous are the testimonies that have emerged in the media about the starting point of this toys. Thus, there are those who defend that it was created to be able to fight against the mentioned Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. And they consider that it helps to improve the ability to concentrate. What happens is that there are already many “legends” about their starting point that no one knows for sure which is the most accurate.

These are a but a few of the wonderful effects of squishy toys and stress balls.