16 Apr

Most offshore hosting solutions fall into one of the categories listed below; this was discovered after consulting majority of the offshore hosting reviews on the internet.

Freedom of the Press/Freedom of Speech

If the contents of your website you will be hosting will be controversial in any way, be sure to be prepared to run into some altercations with the cultural norm or data-related regulations. There is the high tendency that you will be subject to punishment; the offended party ensures that such contents are removed from the internet. On the other hand, if your website is hosted from a country with lenient data related regulations and with a strong protection of freedom of speech, you are on thegood ground to post whatever content without being scared to put your contents down if found offensive.

An example that matches this description is WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks issues to the public classified government documents. If they the website was hosted on the Grounds of the United State, there is the high probability the US government would have discontinued the operation of the website. Fortunately, WikiLeaks servers are hosted in Sweden; this is a country with lenient data related laws and a strong protection for your freedom of speech. The Swedish government according to the law cannot stop the operation of the site or constrain WikiLeaks from disclosing their sources.

Illicit Business Activity

On the soil of the United State, it is illegal to sell some pharmaceuticals to the public with a prescription from a medical expert. On the Asian grounds, there is the prohibition of online gambling. In addition, theauthorityhas directives on pornography.

In this events, it is advised that your website is hosted somewhere around the world where the jurisdiction is not against such business or where the authorities are lenient with their penalties and regulations.

The cross-pollination of offshore business hosting is one interesting area in the offshore hosting community. In the sense that the Asian host their online casino sites in the United States. The United States entrepreneurs, on the other hand, operate their black-market pharmaceutical websites in Asia.