11 Feb

Only a few laptops and mobiles manufacturers offer you the inbuilt function of ‘Find my device’ but most don’t have this option which can land you in some miserable situation if your device gets lost or stolen. How important laptops and mobile phones are can take a while to describe in words because they are more than your professional and personal life guardian spirit, they are your own cloned world as well as every possible help on your fingertips.

It doesn’t make much difference if you are using it for your professional work, college or even any personal use, in all the cases the data in your laptop and mobile phones is a treasure. Think about the moment you realize that someone stole your device or you’ve misplaced it at any place that you don’t even know about. It is very frightening, isn’t it? Happily, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because there are many paid and unpaid software by which you can track the live location of your devices. You can visit geolocaliserunportable.fr, if you want to use geo-locating services for free.


There’s a lot of geo-locating software available in the market which you can get online. Make sure to buy or download it for free from the authorized website so that you don’t end up with any malware or virus in your computer. Both paid and unpaid software give the connection of at least three devices per software which can be more if you buy a costly paid software. After downloading the software file, you have to install it in your computer by either existing user or by creating a new user account. If you are a new user you have to create a new account with your details like phone, email, billing address, etc.

When you finish your installation, the last thing is to manage your settings according to your use i.e. either you want it as a boot system or start-up registry. Also, you can set up a notification alert about the location of your device which will be notified to you at every few minutes. You have to add all your devices on the software beforehand for any future emergency.

When everything’s done, your software is ready to use. You can give a mock trial if it works properly or not. Open your software or also you can log in online, just click on your missing device from your all device’s list and track down its location. They also enable you to control your lost devices remotely, that means you can lock or wipe off your data if you feel like.

Reasons to use

  • They provide you data safety of your devices. Many professionals like businessmen, lawyers, architects, photographers, and many other people store their valuable data in their devices which can create a big problem for them if they lose their data.
  • It is a very economical option as they are available at very cheap rates and some are even free. So, in turn of saving your valuable data and devices, they save it at very less price.
  • Apart from tracing your devices, they have manifold applications like backing up your data, geo-fencing, remote access, and control, etc.