04 Jan

If you have small hands, you will admit that it is quite difficult to play the guitar chords. You tried to gain access to it and it just feels like an impossible task. Due to this, we created this article to enable you to address this issue that will assist you in finding the best electric guitar for small hands on InstrumentPicker. After all, if there are musical instruments that are fit for small hands, why try to opt for a guitar that makes you feel uncomfortable?

What to Look for If You Plan to Buy an Electric Guitar for Small Hands?

To be honest, asides the body size and weight of the fretboard, and the comfort aspect of it, there is nothing else to look for when purchasing an electric guitar for players with small hands. As applicable to regular electric guitars, you need to opt for the one that looks good and sounds good, if that is important to you. If you are chanced to visit a music shop and test the different guitars from our list that can be very helpful in determining the one that is ideal for you.

The reason for choosing these guitars is simply because they have a short scale length or a thin neck, so you could reflect upon which one of these problems you intend to solve.

Is the Mini Electric Guitar Great for Small Hands?

Yes, I suggest that you opt for a mini electric guitar if you feel like the weight of the regular sized guitar is on the high side.

Is the 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Targeted at Small Handed People?

Not at all, a three-quarter size electric guitar is designed for children, but that doesn’t imply that you can’t purchase one if you feel that you have more comfort playing it compared to a full-sized guitar. Most adults feel more comfortable playing with the full-sized musical instruments, however, especially when it comes to the electric guitars since they come with a thinner fingerboard compared to acoustic guitars.

Should I Get A Thin-Neck Guitar for My Small Hands?

It is certainly not an important item to have in possession in order to be able to master the guitar, but if your hands are extremely short and small, I suggest that you opt for this. Electric guitars usually come with thinner fingerboards compared to acoustic guitars, therefore just by playing the instrument; you have made a smart choice for your small hands.

The true fact is that most adults feel more comfortable playing a full-sized guitar, however if you have already tried to practice with one and just feel like it is more appropriate to get one that suits your needs the most, endeavor to peruse this article and write down the list of the instruments and ask to practice with the small-sized guitars to see how it feels like. Some of the guitars are added to this list because they come with slim necks, and others because they are embedded with a short scale length, therefore they don’t really have the same design and features, unfortunately.