1. What is CIFCA?

It’s a group of 33 non-government development/human rights groups, committees, research institutes and private/public advocacy networks. CIFCA is itself based in Europe.

  1. What is the goal of CIFCA?

It hopes to promote various European policies that help to respect/promote human rights in Mexico/Central America. That especially includes democracy and sustainable/inclusive development in the region. This is one of the main goals of the organization.

  1. What is HRDN?

CIFCA is one of the members of the Human Rights & Democracy Network (HRDN). It’s a network of NGOS that’s based in Brussels. HRDN is working on both human rights as well as democracy. CIFCA takes part in the HRDN’s campaign Stand 4 Human Right Defenders.

  1. What is the mission/vision of CIFCA?

Here are some of the mission/vision points of CIFCA:

  • It does advocacy work with EU public authorities in order to remind them of their responsibility to protect, guarantee, and respect human rights.
  • It mobilizes members to act/seek partnerships with various other sectors of civil society in Mexico, Central America, and Europe.
  • It monitors, promotes, and analyzes chances for dialogue between both the EU and various groups that don’t’ have political/economic power. It defends their rights/demands linked to relations between the EU and Mexico/Central America.
  • It promotes consultation/participation of those that EU politics affect. CIFCA makes sure they’re heard as well as can make proposals. CIFCA also supports programs that monitor the effects of various trade agreements as a foundation for proposing different alternatives.
  1. What is CIFCA’s structure /function?

CIFCA includes various components including an Executive Secretariat, General Assembly, Working Groups, Board of Directors, and President.

  • General Assembly

This is the highest body of the network that makes decisions. IT’s made of all of the members. Each member has one vote. The General Assembly picks the President. It then defines the network’s strategic/political direction.

The General Assembly might establish Working Groups based not the areas/specific objectives that it defines.

  • Executive Secretariat

This person is based in the city of Brussels, Belgium. They’re responsible for organizing the lobby strategies as well as the internal work of the network. It guarantees the achievement of the strategies/objectives that the General Assembly and Annual Work Plan have established.

  • Board of Directors

This group is made up of 3+ directors that are picked by the General Assembly. It monitors the network’s work and guides the ExecutiveSecretariat to define the Work Plan and Strategic Plan. It also has the political responsibility to make sure that the CIFCA’s activities are consistent.

  1. What are CIFCA’s issues?

There are various issues of CIFCA. In particular, it strives to protect the human rights of all people in Latin America. That includes women and ethnic minorities. There are also other issues the organization works on, such as the effects of trade agreements on Latin America. Another major issue of the organization is impunity. These are some of the major issues that CIFCA deals with but there are others it focuses on.

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