09 Dec

For some people, a grill is great only as the gemstone or gemstones implemented into it. Which gemstones are actually used? Believe or not, there are no rules and the matter can’t be generalized. However, we were able to find the most common gemstones present in some of the best grills available on the market.


Diamonds are still the ultimate choice for grillz, according to the deezgrillz.com. They can make a grill look one of a kind, special, rare and precisely as you ever wanted. Diamonds are the most expensive gemstones on the planet and the price of a grill will depend on the size of diamonds, their number and so much more.

Of course, there are so many sub-types of diamonds and each one comes with a unique price. Anyway, grills with diamonds are reserved for the ultimate fans who want to look original and cool at any given moment. Diamonds make a grill look truly remarkable, better than a diamond ring. An interesting fact is that this is one of rare accessories where men can wear diamonds and stay cool.

If you are looking for the same design and looks, but the budget is much lower than you will need for a grill paired with diamonds, there are a lot of affordable models that use fake diamonds. It won’t be possible to tell the difference, but you will still get the desired look.


This gemstone was discovered in the Ural Mountains in the 1830s. It changes color according to the illumination, so it can be blue, green or raspberry color. It isn’t rare and it is affordable, but it has been linked with magic and creativity. Simply said, this gemstone can be the one you have been looking for so long.


Aquamarine stands for seawater and it is precisely as you would expect. This gemstone is known to represent eternal life and health. You can have it on your grills in different shades. Some gemstones are bright blue, while others are dark in color. Your imagination is the only limit.

An interesting fact is that these gemstones look excellent while on a beach or while swimming. They are also the most popular among men who love exploring the depths of the sea.


It is one of the rarest gemstones available on the planet. On the other side, it isn’t extremely expensive, so a grill will still be reasonably pricey. What we liked is the color range. They can be brighter or darker and this factor affects the price. Darker ones are more expensive. Cleopatra in ancient Egypt was known for loving and wearing emeralds of the highest quality.

The final word

The truth is, you can have a grill with any gemstone known to man. The main advantage is being able to have a grill that looks precisely as you want, without any differences with your dream grill. All we can add is that grills with gemstones are more affordable, more appreciated and look cooler.