07 Mar

For most people, it is more like a misfortune that can happen despite the amount of care invested. Suddenly the phone is stolen, lost or just missing without a trace. In such a situation do not panic: Even without additional application, you can make use of handy weg for your smartphone. We will give you a guide on how it works.

Lost Phone: What To Do?

if you are interested in locating your missing mobile phone, there is a wide variety of onboard solutions for every smartphone operating system – no extra applications are required. If perchance the cell phone is lost, locating such a device is very important. The phone accommodates a wealth of personal data, including family and friend addresses, home and work emails, party photos, WhatsApp conversation, and much more. So right before you start locating your phone, it is important that you do the following:

Delete or lock your data. If you have any application installed on your phone that grants you remote access, make use of it immediately in deleting all the data or perhaps blocking access to such data.

Contact your service provider and have them lock your SIM card. This is very possible in Germany by dialing at 116 116 free of charge. From overseas you have to dial the country code + 49. All the network operators also offer similar service of locking the sim card online.

Finally, you can report to the police that your phone was stolen or it is lost. Ideally, you have already recorded the IMEI number of your smartphone and at this point, it is advised that you disclose it to them to assist their search. You can display your IMEI number on your mobile phone by dialing * # 06 #. Even if the probability is low: with this little luck, the police will have more resources to assist them in locating your cell phone. An ad can also serve as proof in recovering the damage from mobile phone insurance.

The Phone Lost? Places Are Free With These Features

Depending on whether you have an Android smartphone, a windows phone or an iPhone, there are different ways of locating your phone. Depending on your smart phone’s operating system, there is a wide variety of options that can help you locate your phone for free:

iPhone: Use iCloud To Find Mobile

iPhone users can make use of iCloud in locating their phone. In order to do this, you have to initially activate this function before the mobile phone is missing. If this function is turned on, you can locate your mobile phone after you accessed the service via the internet. Furthermore, iCloud offer other useful features. The location assists you in finding the phone if it is lost. If the phone just got misplaced, you can let your iPhone ring wherever it is. In addition, you can also have a phone number and a message displayed on your lost phone so the honest finder will find it very easy to contact you. Most importantly, if the phone is lost, icloud also offer the function of deleting your phone data. So you can be sure that no personal passwords or data remain on the phone.