12 Feb

You can’t deny the fact that somewhere there’s always a little fear of losing your smartphone, not just because they are one of the costliest devices you own but also because they are now a basic need with your important information. You clone your real life on this digital device which has all your personal and professional information. It makes obvious to be worried about your smartphones especially every time you go to a party, clubs or big events.

Well, now you can sit back and relax without worrying about your phones because technological development is a matter of great boon on humankind in various forms. Well, there are many big and small scale firms which help you in relieving this distress about losing your smartphones with the help of their GPS tracking system. All you need is the mobile number of the phone which you want to be tracked. They provide their services free of cost. No matter where the device is, is it lost or even stolen, these GSP tracking websites can track down the location within seconds on another device where you have to log in to their website, software or app. Sounds irrelevant and fake? But that’s how they work. You can visit youtu.be/unLNct9gqBY for detailed information about their free tracking services. Apart from tracking the location, there are some other fabulous services and features that they provide. Some of them are:

Geo-fencing – It’s a very useful service which uses the feature of fencing or drawing out a digital boundary with the help of GPS tracking satellite. That means if you mark the boundaries on the map for a particular mobile number then if it exits from or enters in that range, you’ll get notified about it.

You can use this feature for kids and old parents so that they won’t enter in any dangerous location in your absence. This service has manifold applications like Delivery trucks, Automobiles, Employees card, Drones, etc.

Live tracking – This feature was initially designed for the military services because of the security purpose but later it stepped in the global online market to serve common people. It is a bit different from normal tracking where you just get the current location or coordinates of the device; in the live tracking feature you can trace the real-time location of a moving mobile phone. You might have already seen this in your cars and Google Maps where your GPS shows your location when you are moving from one place to another.

Call and SMS tracking – this is another very convenient feature of such websites. They can track your calling list and text message details with just a few clicks. All you have to do is register the mobile number which you need to get tracked. They can provide each and every detail of calls and SMS like name and number of the caller and sender of the message, the timings, and even the text body. Most people use these as evidence to report any threat or nuisance.