09 Mar

It is important that you select the appropriate building materials when you want to make your deck, and there is no doubt that this is a crucial decision to make. Decks made from wood are attractive and they are very much popular. The problem with wood decks is that they demand lots of work to be maintained, in the sense that annual maintenance is a necessity to seal and stain the deck. This maintenance is very important, as it ensures that the deck stays undamaged and attractive. The decking might require having the entire floor sanded, depending on how the deck managed through the past winter and that demands a lot of work. Another factor to consider about wood before employing them for your structure is that they are prone to be attacked by insects and they are attacked and damaged no matter the preventive measures taken. This is among the reasons why there a number of people that employ composite decking UK material for their construction needs.

Composite deck materials, which are also referred to as WPC (wood, composite, plastic) are beginning to gain popularity in the industry. Conferring to one of the several studies on the market, Principia Partners for remodeled, new and replacement decks market share of deck boards grounded on millions of linearized feet, from the year 2004 to 2009 WPC gained about 15% because of PTS or perhaps the pressured treated softwoods introduction to the industry.

As about 60% of the decks that are being installed these days are fabricated from PTS, the consumers are getting to realize that the initial lower cost is counterbalanced with the annual maintenance fee. This is actually linked to the “Go Green” revolt that is bringing about the approval with WPC.

When a composite deck is employed, it assists in cutting your maintenance to a bare minimum. There is no case of sealing, staining or sanding required. The materials for composites is the combination of recycled woods and plastic, usually, wood bits and sawdust play an important role in making a two ways blend. It does not look appealing but it is much resistant to rot and most especially the attack of bugs and insects. You will find out that your composite deck will not face the uneasy ravages of the weather, in the sense that you do not get to find the regular splintering, splits, and cracks. The manufacturers guarantee the quality of the product, to the extent that you are offered a warranty that will last for a decade.

It is important that you do not forget that this option is an affordable option but it is not a cheap one. It actually goes for about double of what you budget for the pine deck. The composite boards, on the other hand, will cost you less if the other building materials are composite materials. There is not a doubt that you will be faced with annual maintenance cost for the resealing, repaint and the restraining of the materials. You will also have to consider how much it will cost to replace the deck if it ends up rotting after some time. However, it is important that you are aware of the fact that composite decks never rot, the worst that will happen is that it will look a lot more like a wood floor.