30 Dec

The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest of the host. From this ancient civilization, the Chinese medical tradition, which is the world’s oldest known, was created and can be followed back to prehistoric times.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a collective name for a wide range of different medical approaches and treatment methods and has its roots for more than 5000 years back in time.

You can start importing from China whatever traditional medicine products you need.

These medical samples are still applied in Chinese hospitals and are still kept alive and developed in China. Traditional Chinese medicine has also spread to many Asian countries and dominates their medical tradition, such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam. Many treatment methods are world-famous, such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese massage, Moxa and Qi Gong.

As a medical system, traditional Chinese medicine has its foundation in the philosophy of Chinese philosophy and emphasizes a holistic approach to both man and nature.

For many thousands of years, this sophisticated medical system has been built, making it possible to treat disease and maintain health.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a well-proven medical knowledge that has helped millions of people from generation to generation to maintain good health for many thousands of years. Modern medical research usually unintentionally confirms truths in traditional Chinese medicine.

These are some Chinese medicine you could start importing from china:

1. Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is the action of combing various herbs into a formula that’s used to benefit a person’s health. There’s in fact thousands of Chinese herbs that can be used in this approach to medicine. However, there’s about 400 that are used commonly. It’s a good idea to learn about the basic herbs so you’ll know which ones are the most common ones. It will help to inform you about which medicines are used for certain illnesses and conditions.

The process of making herbal medicines involves picking, processing, and drying the herbs for the medicines. They’re takin in various forms like tea, pill, or extracts. The use of high-grade extracts is becoming more popular among the majority of patients. There’s various reasons but mostly it’s because it’s a very convenient method for people.

There’s also personalized herbal formulas you can use. They’re based on classical formulas but can also be based on modern-day clinical trials. Various herbs are added or removed in order to meet the needs of the patient as closely as possible. Another reason this approach is used is to effectively deal with the patient’s symptoms. It provides more flexibility so the treatment can be more targeted. This is critical in order to get optimum results.

Herbal formulas usually have 5-15 herbs. It’s impossible to modify pills that are ready-made many PR actioners of Chinese herb medicine like to use raw herbs or herbal extracts. This allows them more flexibility.

2. Qi Gong
This is the art of moving Qi through a person’s body via physical movements/mental concentration. It’s been used for centuries in China. IT’s based on Chinese medicine’s principles. The goal is to regulate the body’s Yin and Yang, and also to balance the meridians/channels.

This approach can also be used to prevent illnesses and boost health. Another option is to use to treat various illnesses, conditions, etc. The top function is to prevent illness by maintaining strong Qi in the patient’s body.

3. Acupuncture
This is the insertion of thin needles into various parts of the patient’s body. According to Chinese medicine theory there’s meridians/channels in the body, which energy flows through. The channels are connected to the various Zang Fu organs in the body’s structures. Health is maintained through the energy that flows through the channels.

There’s various acupuncture points that cause local effects. They’re helpful in treating pain/dysfunction in particular areas. There are other acupuncture points that instead have general effects on the patient’s entire body. For example, there’s the Zu San Li acupuncture point that can help to boost the amount of “Qi” in the person. It can be used for various functions like breaking up the chest’s Blood Stasis.

The acupuncture points’ effects are based on the points’ function and how they are used, the needled depth, etc. There’s various techniques used for needling. There’s also different recommended depths of needling used. These are important issues so when picking a PR actioner it’s critical to select one who has the know-how to make sure the acupuncture is done in the most effective way. This will help to produce the best results.