The goal of CIFCA is to promote Europe’s policies that help to improve the democratization and fair/inclusive development of Mexico and Central America. It’s important to note that it’s the general goal of CIFCA. However, the organization hopes to achieve that goal through various methods. It’s important to know them because they’re key to the functions and goals of CIFCA.

There are various means CIFCA hopes to achieve its goals. One is through advocacy work that includes the EU as an organization as well as the member states of the EU. The EU has become one of the most powerful economic regions in the world. Even with England pulling out of the EU it still has a lot of influence in the world and that will continue even as some of the individual countries are struggling with various issues.

It also hopes to monitor/analyze the relations between the EU and central America/Mexico. The relationship between Europe and the Americas has lasted for centuries and includes the colonization of the Americas by Europeans. This relationship has been a strong one over the years even as the nations have become independent from nations such as Spain and Portugal.

However, even as those countries have become independent of Europe they haven’t ended their relationship with the continent. In fact, the two regions have maintained a connection over the years. That’s why organizations such as CIFCA are so important. One of the main goals is to maintain the relationship between the EU and Central America/Mexico. This is critical because it will help to continue and strength the relationship the two regions had maintained over the centuries.

It’s important to monitor the relationship between these two regions. The region is that like relationships between other countries/regions it’s important to constantly monitor and evaluate it. This will help to determine if there are areas that should be improved, and other areas that have been successful but can still be improved by taking various steps. This will help to ensure that the relationship will improve over the years, which is critical in this era of globalization

Due to globalization, it’s more important than ever for various world regions to maintain their relationship. This is through various processes and organizations like CIFCA. That’s why it’s one of the main functions of the organization. There are 3 main areas that involve CIFCA’s work. They include:

  1. Civil/Political Rights

This is one of the main priorities of CIFCA. That’s because it aims to deal with various issues that prevent all people in the region of Central America/Mexico from having the same civil and political rights.

CIFCA believes that steps should be taken in order to ensure that all groups have the same rights. That includes male/female genders and different ethnicities. CIFCA takes steps to help ensure that all people in the region have the same rights and aren’t discriminated against.

This is especially important in this era of globalization. The reason is that there tends to be more discrimination against various groups including women and ethnic minorities. This highlights the need to make sure that the CIFCA takes actions to help reduce human rights violations. It works with governments and organizations in Central America/Mexico to help make sure that’s the case.

  1. EU relations with Mexico/Central America

This is one of the most important types of work that’s conducted by CIFCA. The reason is that the organization hopes to maintain the long-term relationship between the two world regions. The two areas have maintained a political and economic relationship for centuries. This highlights the need for the two groups to work towards improving the relationship

There are various ways it can do that and one of the most effective ones is through anorganization such as CIFCA. The reason is the organization work together in order to maintain a strong relationship between the regions. This involves a continuous effort in order to solve problems that exist, for example.

  1. Natural Resources

Last year it was reported that by September the world had consumed more natural resources than the Earth produced. CIFCA is concerned about various issues related to natural resources. They include access to land and right to food. These are basic rights that it believes should preauthorize the needs of society at large over the individual.

CIFCA takes various steps to ensure that natural resources can be accessed and used by various groups in society. The goal is to make sure that people have access to the land and food they need in order to meet the needs of their families.

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