09 Dec

These days heat presses are more popular and more advanced than ever before. They are based on the latest technology and they can be used for million different applications. But, not all of them are the same. As a matter of fact, there are 3 common types. We will discuss all of them below.

Clamshell: Ideal for beginners

These heat presses are the best choice if you are a beginner. What this means is that they have a hinge between the two surfaces. You will use it to open the press which looks like a clamp, therefore the name. Usually, only upper surface can be moved and opened. There are a lot of heat press reviews of this specific type.

The advantage is simplicity. These presses are the most affordable and easier to use, which makes them perfect for beginners and those who seek an entry-level heat press. They are also the best choice when making T-shirts. However, they are limited by the clamp opening and they are not ideal for more advanced users.

Swing away: More advanced heat presses

Swing away heat presses are more sophisticated than the first type and they can be used for more applications. The name refers to the design, which means that the upper part can be moved to one side. This allows for you to easily insert the object and makes a press suitable for items that do require wide openings.

There are no drawbacks with these models. The only negative side may be the space they require. As you would expect, they need additional space in your home or garage to be used. Also, they are more expensive than the first type here and they are desirable if you have a purpose that requires this type of heat press.

Draw: Biggest working surface

These heat presses have the biggest working surface you can use. As the name refers, they have a lower part that can be drawn like a drawer for example. When drawn, you have a complete working surface within your disposal, which is great if you need to make accurate and precise products.

However, you will have to be more than just careful when putting the drawer part back. If the object moves, which is possible, you risk of ruining the entire product. That’s why you should be really careful and you should work slowly and with a lot of care. Don’t forget that the risk of an injury is more than just decreased and probably the lowest of all presses. This made them a common choice of beginners and those who need a simple heat press.


Before moving to the best press for your purposes, you will need to choose the type. We hope that you got all the valuable information above and we believe that you will now be able to choose the one that matches your criteria the most. Heat presses may look simple, but they are far from that.